How it works

Consolidate accounts

Simplify and strengthen your retirement strategy by managing your money all in one place.

Invest and Grow

Invest in a portfolio of established, low-fee ETF funds. Your mix of stocks and bonds will be adjusted based on your retirement timeline and how much risk you’re comfortable with.

Draw income

When you are ready to retire, we can help you draw from your qualified and taxable accounts and deposit your income directly to your bank account.

Stretch your savings

Kindur’s smart withdrawal strategy helps keep more money working for you. We’ll project how long your money will last and rebalance investments over time to help keep your portfolio on track.

Why invest with Kindur

Our portfolio recommendations are personalized to your finances and risk preferences, including how much of your spending is covered by guaranteed income. Plus, we automatically rebalance your investments as the market changes to help maintain your target portfolio. See our investment methodologies and disclosures for more information.

Build my portfolio

Our fees

We charge a low fee for assets under management which includes access to Kindur’s platform for planning and managing your retirement. Compared to a traditional financial advisor, you could save thousands a year.* That’s more money in your pocket for the retirement you worked so hard for.


Save more than $900 a year on a $100,000 account value.* See how that compares to an average investment advisor.