Retirement Planning Made Easy With Kindur

Building Your

With Kindur, retirement is simple. Our tools help you navigate the complicated decisions you’ll face as you plan for retirement. We offer a big picture overview with actionable steps so you can stay on track to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want.

Get An

Evaluate your retirement situation so you know where you stand.

Plan Your

Access a spending tool to ensure your income will cover all of your retirement needs, including healthcare.

Maximize Your
Social Security

Calculate the optimal timing for electing Social Security for you and your partner.

Design Your

Understand what to expect from your investments long-term and determine whether a fixed annuity is right for you.

Find The Right Strategy
For You

Electing to take your Social Security benefits at age 70, versus at age 62, could result in a 76% increase in what you take home.

We believe the right Social Security strategy is the first step to guaranteeing lifetime income. Our Social Security optimizer can help you decide when to start claiming your retirement benefits, when to wait, and how this decision will impact your full retirement picture.

The average
65-year-old couple today will need $280,000 to cover healthcare and medical costs in retirement.

At Kindur, we make sure your plan considers known healthcare expenses, as well as less predictable ones, like long-term care and large medical events. While we can’t predict the future, your plan can help you get ahead of planning for these critical expenses.

Build your plan to find out
the best path for you.