Simplify managing retirement income by knowing where to withdraw savings from and when.

Turn your hard-earned savings into an automatic, monthly paycheck.

Generate Your
Retirement Income

Modern retirees are often managing many accounts at different institutions, including IRAs, 401(k) plans, other investments, and savings. Simplify managing your retirement by consolidating accounts all in one place. We’ll invest your money in a tailored, diversified portfolio and can turn your savings into steady income.

& Invest

We make it easy to rollover and consolidate your various accounts into your Kindur account so managing your money is more straightforward. We also invest in low-cost ETFs and our portfolios are specifically designed for the spend down phase of retirement.

Your Income

Kindur can help determine whether securing a portion of your savings with a fixed annuity is right for you. A fixed annuity can offer guaranteed income that lasts a lifetime, easing the common fear of running out of money. Learn more about annuities.

Your Retirement Paycheck

With Kindur, you can turn your hard-earned savings into retirement income. We’ll help you determine how much you’ll need to withdraw from your account to cover your expenses over time during retirement. It’s just like a paycheck that’ll be deposited into your bank account each month. Plus, your withdrawals will be tax optimized, making sure you keep more of your money and you’ll never have to worry about missing a required minimum distribution.

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